"Lori, I am deeply touched by your compassion for others." –2011, Marshall Rosenberg

Coaching with Rev. Lori has helped open and transform me. I have a new language, NVC to practice. I experience oneness and greater reconciliation of internal and external conflicts. Thank you!–2011, Annie Bumgarner, LUT

It is a real pleasure to work closely with Lori. I’m very impressed by how she continues to learn and grow while she teaches and helps others. In my mind she is in a category of her own. I often feel amazed at her dedication, commitment and initiative, as well as care and integrity. Lori is exactly the kind of person I want doing this work with me in the world. I feel deep gratitude for her presence. She is truly a treasure!
–John Kinyon, Certified CNVC Trainer, Co-founder of the Bay NVC & NVC Mediation, www.johnkinyon.com

Lori is an outstanding facilitator with her presence, intuition, understanding, patience and perseverance. I experienced her high level of empathy and I appreciate her wisdom and experience, also her support.–Deidre Ashmore, 2009 Costa Rica Peace Summit Class Participant