About the Founder

Lori Woodley, Founder

“Witnessing the moment of connection; one of my favorite moments is when I am able to support someone connecting within. I don’t need to see them, because the very energy in the room changes. To me, what I am witnessing is sacred because I believe they are connecting to what is most important. I am grateful that I am able to help others experience the life within them. This is what I have devoted my life to.”

Lori founded Peace Matters an alternative ministry devoted to helping others connect to themselves and others because she has witnessed and experienced the power, transformation and deep healing that results from authentic connection.

Lori is a CNVC Trainer (Nonviolent Communication) offering classes, trainings, and retreats.  Lori lends her skills to help others transform conflict and supporting others to realize what they want in their life.

As a Unity Minister, Lori earned a Masters of Divinity degree from Unity Institute. Before seminary, she practiced as a C.P.A. Lori received her certification as a Unity Certified  Peacemaking & Transitional Consultant before she graduated from seminary.

Living in Kansas City, Missouri, Lori is a mother, partner and friend.  She greatly enjoys her home life and invests her personal time with her family, study, a formal mediation and prayer practice, yoga, nature, and friends.