Support Peace Matters

What You Can Do

  • Refer our services & trainings to other individuals and groups.
  • Invite us to provide a training for your group.
  • Organize, Host or Market a training for us.
  • Continue to deepen your learning of NVC as well as your own self-connection practice.
  • Share NVC with a friend.
  • Join our team, become a volunteer and share your talents to further our vision and mission.

A Dream of a Peace Center

We envision a facility that is a visible and easy to find, and because of its comfortable and welcoming environment those who enter easily find the reality of peace, and accessibility to their natural compassionate nature of giving and receiving. Our desire is to have a center in the Kansas City surrounding area where we can:

  • Hold trainings and retreats for 30-50 people.
  • Provide ongoing trainings
  • Enable multiple groups to meet at the same times.
  • Provide a space for mediation, family meetings, counseling & coaching.
  • Ability to share space (rent) with like-minded groups.