It is a real pleasure to work closely with Lori. I’m very impressed by how she continues to learn and grow while she teaches and helps others. In my mind she is in a category of her own. I often feel amazed at her dedication, commitment and initiative, as well as care and integrity. Lori is exactly the kind of person I want doing this work with me in the world. I feel deep gratitude for her presence. She is truly a treasure!
– John Kinyon, Certified CNVC Trainer, Co-founder of the Bay Area NVC, Co-Founder NVC Mediation, www.johnkinyon.com


Ever since knowing Lori, she has been on fire with this work. I am really glad to be on this journey with her.
– Ike Lasater, NVC Mediation Trainer, www.wordsthatwork.us


My first introduction to Compassionate Communication, or Nonviolent Communication, was a workshop Lori taught in Des Moines. Two of the many things I enjoy about Lori is that she seems to accept herself so well that she can laugh about her uniqueness. The other is a sense I get from her, is the genuine way of caring about my learning that allows me to understand and accept myself.
– Linda Kruger, Participant in Heartland NVC Mediation Immersion Program


I appreciate Lori’s teaching style. She uses the perfect blend of head and heart, which adds ease, comfort and clarity for my learning.  Her use of experiential work like small groups, dyads and triads, combined with the right amount of theory, and some humor, Lori builds trust and comfort with the participants in the group. This empowers me (and I believe any student) to embody NVC not just as a technique, but as a spiritual practice and way of living peacefully, connected with all life.
– Rev. Kelly Isola, 2011 Graduate of Heartland NVC Mediation Immersion & Second Year participant in Heartland NVC Mediation Immersion,  www.kellyisola.com


Coaching with Rev. Lori has helped open and transform me. I have a new language, NVC to practice. I experience oneness and greater reconciliation of internal and external conflicts. Thank you!
– 2011, Annie Bumgarner, LUT


John [Kinyon] and Lori, I want you both to know how much I deeply admire and respect the remarkable dance of synergy the two of you exhibited as you ‘work’ together and created space for transformation. I am filled with overflowing gratitude for the opportunity to have experienced mastery and masters of the art and science of NVC.
– Dr. Tom Boldrey, 2011 Mediate Conflict in Harmony with your Spiritual Practice, Dallas, TX


Lori is an outstanding facilitator with her presence, intuition, understanding, patience and perseverance. I experienced her high level of empathy and I appreciate her wisdom and experience, also her support.
– Deidre Ashmore, 2009 Costa Rica Peace Summit Class Participant

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Through this teleclass I have made important steps toward my goals being able to nurture my relationships and more able to empathize. Each week builds on the previous, making it easier for me to learn. Because of Lori’s presence, even over the phone, and her knowledge, skill and caring, I am building friendships in new ways. My heart is happy because we work together, in learnable, teachable ways, for peaceful connection between each of us and for all beings.Lori’s depth of care is clear and stays long after the class is over.
– Roz, Participant in Heartland NVC Mediation Immersion Program