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Beneath NO is Life

April 2013

I have been studying the energy of NO and how it feels to step fully into saying NO.
Often, the first thoughts that arise are about what “they” will think if you say NO.  Next, you might notice your internal judgment about saying NO.

I invite you to take a moment and clearly connect to these parts of your self.  Each part is distinct, thoughts of: they, internal judgment, and NO.

First, the part of yourself that has concerns about what others (they) will think.  Allow this part of you to express, and consider:
What might they think?  What might happen if you say NO? 
Write these thoughts down where you can see them.

Then, your internal ‘voices’ of judgment.  Allow this part of yourself to express.
What thoughts arise about yourself?
Write these thoughts down where you can see them.

As Marshall Rosenberg said, “Enjoy the jackal show!”
Another way of saying this might be to hold the thoughts that arise within you lightly.  Notice them, acknowledge them, and feel what happens when you think each thought and what do you want to experience differently?

Now for the magic!  Let the part of you that wants to say NO - say NO.  Step fully into the energy of the NO.

You have already heard from the part of you that is concerned about what others might think, and the judgmental thoughts within yourself.
Now, fully allow yourself permission to settle into your NO.  Feel into the ease and freedom of what is on the other side of your concern about saying NO.

Imagine what would you gain by saying NO?
Write down everything you can imagine enjoying, all the possibilities.

I invite you to feel into each possibility.  Is it freedom, integrity, trust?

This is the life beneath the NO.

In the next articles we will explore making requests & forming strategies from what emerges beneath NO.

Until Next Time,

Blessings, Love, and Peace Matters,

Lori Woodley

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