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Bouncing Back

May, 8, 2012      Resilience

It’s in the return.  – Sharon Saltzberg

I believe resilience is a universal human quality.  I want to have this quality or meet this need more in my life.  Bouncing back.  Returning to my better self, with as much eagerness as before “whatever happened that seemed to knock me down”.

I have read many articles that write about people that have the quality ...

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“Feeling Into” What’s Important to You

“Feeling Into” What’s Important to You

April 2012

My friend June and I were talking a few weeks ago about savoring what is important to us.  We talked about what is meant to really pause and allow ourselves to savor what is important – that is, to “feel into” our values or needs.  What about you?  What’s important to you?  Do you want respect?  Consideration and care?  Do you want to be known?  Do you crave understanding, belonging, companionship?  Or do you have a different list of ...

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Its about Heart

February 2012

Consider with me, what does it mean to you “to have heart”?

Is “having heart” about courage or spirit?  Is it about being considerate and thoughtful of others, compassion?  Is it about resilience or determination?

I am wondering if “having heart” is a balance of all three of these; courage, compassion, and resilience.  Imagine having a sense of all three of these in your life, especially in the moments that are the ...

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How do you find LOVE?

February 2012

What Meets Your Need for Love?

When my daughter reaches out and holds my hand.

When my partner runs errands for me.

When my dad tells me he is proud of me.

When my teachers spend time with me to teach me.


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What Do You Want To Find?

January 2012

Do you have a “wish list” for what you would like to find in the world?  Would you like to experience Respect?  Possibly your list would include Care or Companionship?  Empathy, Understanding and Being Heard?

Would you like to know how to manifest your wish list?

I encourage you to take a moment now and write your list.  Possibly five qualities that you would like to find in the ...

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Empathy – Empathy Quotes

I have begun to gather my favorite empathy quotes.   Please add your ones here to share.

What is Empathy?

A respectful understanding of another’s experience.  - Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

It feels good…

When someone really hears you without passing judgment on you, without taking responsibility for you, without trying to mold you, it feels damn good.  When I have been listened to, when I have been heard, I am able to re-perceive ...

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Empathy – Preparing Yourself to Offer Empathy

August 2011

What is your pathway (sequence of actions) for offering empathy?  Do you consciously think about connecting with the other person?  A few days ago I was talking with my friend Annie about my pathway to connecting with others and offering empathy.  As we talked I became more and more excited by my clarity, and I realized that I want more awareness of this pathway in my life.

1st  I make a ...

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Judgments – The Comfort of Labels

July 2011

Labeling seems normal in our culture:  It is common in our culture to classify others by labeling them, to judge by deciding what is right and wrong or good and bad and then to assign blame.  This was a normal part of the way I was raised, and I find it typical in my daily interactions with others.  Think about how these three (labeling, judging and blaming) seem ...

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Judgments – Peace of Mind – Peace in the World

June 2011

I want peace of mind and peace in the world, and I am guessing if you are reading this so do you.  The question is, why don’t we have peace?  I believe what is in the way of peace for you, for me, and for everyone on the planet is what we are thinking.  It isn’t the thoughts themselves, it is that we actually believe them.  And it ...

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Judgments – Transforming Your Inner Judgments

FlowersApril 2011

When you regret something you said or did: I am guessing, from time to time we all regret some action we have taken.  The question is “what thoughts do you have about your actions”?  Generally, we have a certain way we talk to ourselves, or attempt to “educate” ourselves when we are disappointed in our own behavior.  For many of us, it is common for us to blame ourselves (I ...

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