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Judgments – What about these Judgments?

ContemplationSeptember 2010

As a young adult the phrase “don’t judge or you will be judged” had been proven true to me over and over again.  My burning question was, “How did they know I was judging them?”  After all, I had not said a word to anyone.  For years I held this question and searched for an answer.

I have come to understand that there is an energy attached to judgments that others feel.   Whether there ...

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Empathy – Questions of Empathy vs. Not Empathy

BridgeAugust 2010

When our choice is to offer empathy to another person, our focus of attention is on their experience.  With this focus of attention, for me, questions would be in the service of understanding the person I am trying to connect with.

As questions come to our awareness we can determine what energy each question arises from.  Are we focused on the other person’s experience or are we focused on satisfying our curiosity, or ...

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First Retreat – Heartland Mediate Your Life

In the First Retreat will be the foundation of the program.  You will learn to use the mediation process as a personal growth tool for working through your own conflict situations as well as how to facilitate a mediation between two other individual. What differentiates this program from other programs is that there are multiple tracts of learning.  As a first year participant, in this retreat you will be learning communication skills for mediating your life as well as formally mediating (interpersonal conversations in ...

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