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Saying Yes and…

Saying Yes and…

There have been times in my life when I did not want to say yes to someone, but I didn’t want to say no even more. So, I said yes and found a way out later. Can you relate to this?

I do not enjoy being on either side of this dialogue.

When I say yes knowing I don’t mean yes, there are many values or needs I am not meeting. To name a few: Connection, Honesty, Predictability and Trust.

At the same ...

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Understanding & Expressing

Understanding & Expressing

“The most precious gift we can offer others is our presence. When mindfulness embraces those we love, they will bloom like flowers.”    -Thich Nhat Hanh

Do you feel relaxed and open when someone is simply listening to you? You can offer others your presence and understanding too. Here are a few steps that might support you:

  • Presence: Begin by taking three breaths. You will find them refreshing and grounding.
  • Intention: Decide in the moment to listen.
  • Tune in: As if you are a radio, ...
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Empathy – Empathy Quotes

I have begun to gather my favorite empathy quotes.   Please add your ones here to share.

What is Empathy?

A respectful understanding of another’s experience.  - Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

It feels good…

When someone really hears you without passing judgment on you, without taking responsibility for you, without trying to mold you, it feels damn good.  When I have been listened to, when I have been heard, I am able to re-perceive ...

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Empathy – Preparing Yourself to Offer Empathy

August 2011

What is your pathway (sequence of actions) for offering empathy?  Do you consciously think about connecting with the other person?  A few days ago I was talking with my friend Annie about my pathway to connecting with others and offering empathy.  As we talked I became more and more excited by my clarity, and I realized that I want more awareness of this pathway in my life.

1st  I make a ...

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Empathy – Questions of Empathy vs. Not Empathy

BridgeAugust 2010

When our choice is to offer empathy to another person, our focus of attention is on their experience.  With this focus of attention, for me, questions would be in the service of understanding the person I am trying to connect with.

As questions come to our awareness we can determine what energy each question arises from.  Are we focused on the other person’s experience or are we focused on satisfying our curiosity, or ...

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