Counseling to Coaching

Counseling & Coaching

I approach individuals, couples and groups with ideas of hope and possibility.  Freedom and Transformation are as close as a single breath.  I have devoted my life to helping individuals connect to themselves and others because I have witnessed and experienced the power, transformation and deep healing that results from authentic connection.  Generally, most of my sessions flow between these contexts:

Personal Coaching refers to supporting individuals as they explore specifically what they want to experience in their lives, and then continue to support them as they co-create and manifest the life they truly desire.

Spiritual Direction points to a journey with another individual as they explore meaning in their life, and their relationship with spirit, self and others. I am not interested in advising you as to what is right or wrong, true or false. I am very interested in walking a journey with you as you explore what is true for you.

Communication Coaching & Training supports individuals to continue to integrate what they are learning.  Continuing to learn is essential in maintaining relationships as well as achieving your goals.

Conflict Coaching refers to supporting individuals as they explore internal and interpersonal conflicts, experience a new understanding of the conflict and then possibly prepare them selves to re-enter the situation in an intentional and empowered way.