Financial Consideration

As you consider your needs as well as our needs for sustainability, we request that you remain open to possibilities for how you can participate in the training.

If you are on this page, you might be “thinking” that you are unable to “afford” the tuition we are asking. Below we ask you what you are willing to pay. This might include asking friends, family and groups to sponsor you, organizing a fund raiser, or other options.

We understand that you may be working in a field that does not support paying full tuition. We want you to participate in a way that meets as many of your needs as possible.

If you plan to request a scholarship, please answer these questions in your request:

1. How do you intend to use what you learn at the training in the world?
2. Would it help if you could pay the tuition in installments?
3. What portion of the tuition are you willing to pay?
4. In addition to tuition, is there anything else that you want to offer us?

Please email your responses to