Divorce & Co-Parenting

Divorce & Co-Parenting

Co-parenting - child between the parentsIf you have decided to divorce or end your relationship, I want to support each of you to make informed decisions about your situation so that you are both able to reach the best resolution. Even though your personal intimate relationship has ended, your relationship as co-parents will never end. I want to help you create a co-parenting agreement that considers what you both created together, your child(ren) and how you are both desiring to parent together and individually.

Studies prove that the more you are able to peacefully and collaboratively co-parent, the more you will be meeting the needs of your child(ren) so they will feel happy and secure as they grow into productive adults.

Amending the Co-Parenting Agreement

It is not uncommon to return to mediation sometime after the first co-parenting agreement to make changes to the original agreement. This is an opportune time to assess your situation, and determine what changes you want to make.

Distribution of Assets

Distribution of assets, pension plans, tax ramifications and other considerations can all be important in a divorce or separation situation.  I am able to help you navigate through these challenges as well.