Group Decision Making

Group Mediation

The process of Group Decision Making can be used to help a group navigate though a decision in a way that considers what is important to each individual in the group.

The process of Group Mediation can be used when there is conflict in a group and the participant’s attempts to communicate are not resolving the conflict.  It is not uncommon for a Group Decision Making Process to become a Group Mediation Process and then settle back into a Group Decision Making Process especially when past conflict has not been addressed.

There are a few choices for how these process’ can be implemented within a group.

  • The accreted method, beginning with a few of group members and gradually add to the group.  This method might work well where there are several departments not in agreement, or specific sub-groups within the group that are delineated.
  • If there are specific sub-groups defined, then a representative or small team from each sub-group could participate the process.
  • The entire group could participate.

When conflict is present, it is helpful to include pre-mediation sessions to offer a greater clarity and ease within the process.

In addition, ongoing Training and Conflict Coaching for your staff will provide the support for your employees to maintain and promote a thriving workplace atmosphere.