How to resolve conflict

Nonviolent Communication Mediation

NVC Mediation uses the four components of Nonviolent Communication to help the individuals in a dispute connect to each other at the level of universal human desires and needs. Once individuals have a sense that they have been heard and understood as they want to be, and then also understand the experience of the other person, solutions emerge where there were no solutions. I find that it is an amazing process to witness.

In my experience, once a connection is made, individuals begin to offer solutions that will not only meet their desires and needs, but the other person’s as well. Helping people who are in dispute connect at this level cuts through to what is really important to each of them, and from their new understanding and connection solutions emerge with ease.

The process helps move from the life-alienating communication that the parties often begin with (judgments, especially moralistic criticisms and labeling) to an experience that reconnects them… “to their natural compassion – the enjoyment of contributing to one another’s well being and working together to find mutually beneficial solutions.” John Kinyon

NVC Mediation Training Programs

There are three, year-long immersion programs in the United States: California, Kansas City and Boston. The program is also in other countries: Poland, South Korea and growing.

For more information, see the Mediate Your Life page or visit NVC Mediation.