During the first training I realized I had been trying to work with my inner experiences without actually having access to them in ‘real time’.  A metaphor I formed was that an artist cannot manipulate their piece of art work through a piece of glass.  This is how I realized I was trying to manage my life, as if I was watching it from outside myself.  With the tools that Lori is teaching, I am now able to teach the scholars in the Kansas City Schools who I watch teaching others skills of Nonviolent Communication and I see changes happening.
(Current Participant 2012-2013)


I am thankful to Lori’s teaching and this workshop.  I am a family judge in Seoul Korea and every day one family conflict after another comes before me.  I feel like a soldier sent the front lines coming home for the first time to get training.  Thank you Lori, I am so glad I signed up for this year long workshop.  This training and your mentorship is going to make all the difference in my life and how I can help the families that come before me.  Judge in Seoul, South Korea (September 2011 – June 2012)


Since 1995, I’ve attended about 12 NVC workshops, many from Marshall Rosenberg, and taught beginning NVC myself, as well as started up NVC practice groups wherever I end up. One of my favorite Marshall quotes has always been, “NVC is rocket science,” because that expresses my feelings about the complexity of the NVC skills. After the first retreat of the Heartland NVC Mediation Immersion, my understanding and ability to use NVC on a daily basis jumped exponentially. The trainers break down each skill and give us ways to practice that just plain works for me. I am now able to take what I know and practice with anyone even if they aren’t at all familiar with NVC.
Cynthia Leveque – 2010 Heartland NVC Mediation Immersion Program, Kansas City, MO (note: current 2012-2013 participant)


I might not ever feel comfortable with conflict, but since the training I know I can be present with conflict.
Shirley Bowman – 2010 Interpersonal Mediation Skills, Kansas City, MO


This training provided me with a deeper understanding of the principles of NVC Mediation than I had gained in previous workshops. I received a clearly defined, practical path that will help me  fulfill my intention for compassionate connection with myself and others.
David Howard – 2010 Interpersonal Mediation Skills, Kansas City, MO