Organization Services

Organization Conflict

Mediation & Facilitated Conversations supports individuals in communicating and hearing what is really important.  Once conflict and tension arise, it can become difficult to actually hear the meaning of what someone is saying because of how “triggered” individuals in the conversation has become.   Mediation can provide a safe container for the conversation, as well as an impartial guide to help you each connect to what is important to you, with the intention of being heard and hearing each other.

Conflict Coaching refers to supporting individuals as they explore internal and interpersonal conflicts, experience a new understanding of the conflict and then possibly prepare them selves to re-enter the situation in an intentional and empowered way.

Communication Coaching & Training supports individuals to continue to integrate what they are learning.  Continuing to learn is essential in maintaining relationships as well as achieving your goals.

Group Decision Making Process can be used to help a group navigate through a decision in a way that meets everyone’s needs or consider what is important to each individual in the group.  This process is efficient, satisfying and empowering.

Group Mediation Process can be used when there is conflict in a group and the participant’s attempts to communicate are not resolving the conflict. This process is empowering, offers shared reality, and offers harmony.

Community Centric Visioning; Co-Create the Organizations Vision, Mission & Core Values
This is a time for the community of the organization to come together to express and co-create the vision, mission and core values of the organization. This is an energetic time of creation and synthesizing.