Organization Training

Interpersonal Mediation Skills Training
Mediate Your Life  (2 – 3 days)

It is one thing to observe someone else’s conflict, but when you begin experiencing the conflict within yourself – you have become party to the situation.  It becomes difficult to navigate through a conversation if you and the other individual are both upset and stuck in your own perception.  You will learn how to return to a calm presence in the midst of conflict, and how to make conscious choices about how to navigate the conversation.  In essence, you will be mediating yourself and the person you are talking with.  This is a powerful group of skills.


Mediating Conflict in Harmony with Your Values
Interpersonal Mediation Skills (16 – 24 hours – possibly Friday, Saturday & Sunday)

This class is an introduction to NVC mediation training. You will learn skills you can use in your daily life.  In our religious, spiritual and cultural traditions, we hold ideals and values we strive to live up to when responding to interpersonal conflict.  NVC mediation provides learnable skills for bridging the gab between your ideas and the reality of how you actually show up when faced with conflict. This training will help you to transform even the most challenging conflicts into connection, understanding and healing.


Deep Listening – Learn how Hearing Others Changes Everything
Empathy – Skills for Listening and Deepening Connections (1 – 2 days)

Learn how hearing others 
changes everything. 
 This class will teach the skill of offering empathy to others, being aware of when you are empathizing and when you are doing something else (and what that is), as well as experience the healing and transformation that is possible when you trust listening and being present with another person.


Compassionate Skills for Being Direct in Your Life
Self Expression – The World Longs for Your Honesty  (1 – 2 days)

This class will focus on how you can communicate what you want to say in a way that others will not hear blame, judgment and criticism. In our culture, this is a powerful skill, because when others hear blame, judgment and criticism they generally are busy protecting themselves and have little interest in hearing what you want to share.